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Saint John of God Choir

Saint Frances' Hospice Choir, Raheny, Dublin.

Holy Faith Secondary Choir, Clontarf, Dublin

Solo Violin: Denice Doyle

Solo Cello: David Doyle

Harp: Mary O'Donnell

Tin Whistle: Dave Fadden

Uileann Pipes: Dave Fadden

Keyboard: Marie Dunne CHF

Musical Director: Marie Dunne CHF

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Marie Dunne CHF


Marie shares on her journey with the Saint John of God Choir….

In 1989 I was invited by the Saint John of God Brothers form a choir for the Irish Province, drawn from staff, Brothers and friends to sing at a special event that year in honour of Saint John of God. The Saint John of Choir has been singing ever since! and I have been privileged to direct the choir for all of those years. While some members have moved on, and others have gone to their heavenly home, many have been part of the choir for most of those years. I am grateful to this wonderful group of people have played a big part in my life and in my music ministry. As a choir, we are indebted to the Brothers of Saint of God for their encouragement, support and hospitality over these years. It was for that event in March of 1989 that I composed my very first piece - the hymn MAN OF COMPASSION (in honour of Saint John of God). I know that today it is sung in all continents of the world. As a Sister of the Holy Faith, whose ministry is rooted in faith and music ministry, I thank God for these last 30 years. And in Holy Faith life, 1989 was the year I composed the song WOMAN OF FAITH in honour of our foundress Margaret Aylward. Blest to honour such amazing people through music! 
Photos taken at our recent 30th celebration include the choir with Bro. Donatus (Provincial), and Bro. Ronan with Deirdre Reece and Philomena Dunne - both who have been with the choir since 1989. We look forward to our 30th anniversary concert later in the year.