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Liturgical Composer Faith and Music Ministry

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I am grateful to Colum Keating for the creative design.  It was Colum who created my initial website.

L A T E S T   N E W S

Congress 2018 Anaheim

Marie attends the RE Congress at Anaheim, California and launches her new album SHELTER ME. In her own words Marie says “Shelter Me is a collection of chants based on scripture texts and set to gentle melodies. It is my hope that those who listen to the chants will find calm, refreshment and comfort – trusting in the One who cares for us and shelters us on life’s journey.”  Read More…

A Special Moment In L.A.

While in Los Angeles recently, Marie paid a very special visit to Saint John of God School, Norwalk.  Saint John of God parish was the first parish to which the Sisters of the Holy Faith went when they arrived in LA in 1953.

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* New Release - "Shelter Me" *